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Our True Passion

MarkaLED is a pioneer, a leader and a trendsetter of Jewellers in Turkey, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Russia, and Africa. MarkaLED’s main tasks are consulting, design, manufacturing, on-site application of LED armatures, as well as customer relations.

Everyone Stays Happy

Time for A Change

Markaled is located in Bayrampasa region , Istanbul city , and has 8,000 m² closed production area, more than 146 employee and with 15 engineers, our factory is fully integrated with our production and offers a wide range of
jewelry lighting.

Markaled is The Leading Company

Which combines creativity and innovation of the illumination with the highest level of performance in the world, carried out with the latest technology.
We export our products more than 80 countries all over the world

Our Company Values

Creator of quality lighting designs and fresh ideas.

MarkaLED is No. 1 designer, manufacturer and executor of LED armatures for jewellers in Turkey and expands its business all around the world into new sectors and territories. Focusing on clients’ needs and fulfilling them has transformed MarkaLED into a pioneer, a leader and a trendsetter in the jewellers’ LED lighting market in Turkey. MarkaLED’s well earned reputation is rapidly spreading across Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and UK.

We Are Professional

In-Depth Consulting

MarkaLED designs its own products, manufactures them and applies them on-site. Through all these phases, it consults its clients regarding their
• marketing objectives
• interior qualities
• services, be it a shop, a restaurant, a hospital, a school, a housing project, or a hotel; governmental or private
• product range in their shops, in particular jewellery, whether they are made of gemstones, silver, gold, or diamond; classic or modern style.

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High Quality Lighting. Stunning Designs.

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