Chameleon Adjustable Armature Kuyumcu Aydınlatma

Chameleon, The Adjustable LED ArmatureNew Release 

Chameleon, the adjustable LED armature, is the most technologically advanced product among the Recta group. The Recta group is in rectangular form and suitable for showcases, display counters tops and niche lighting. Plus, Chameleon provides you with a mobile application, so you can remotely adjust your armature’s color temperature, ranging from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 Kelvin, depending on the characteristics of jewellery and watches you display in your store.
BodyAluminium body
Dimensions340 x 170 x 52 mm
Warranty5 years
Total Power of Luminaire (watt)48,00
Luminous Flux of Luminaire/Lumen (lm)6250,00
Color Rendering Index (CRI)CRI > 80
Inner Cutting Size310 mm x 150 mm
Remote Control Operation SystemsIOS and Android
Color OptionsAdjustable Colour Temperature 2700 K to 6500 K


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