Smart SparkLED RectaNew Release 

Markaled Smart Sparkled provides a beautiful adjustable light color option(3000K to 6500K) and sustainable long life with significant energy saving. It has a digital rotating system with a pure and elegant design combination. Using the optic lenses in Sparkled enables you to get excellent shining on diamonds, gold, watches, and precious stones as well. About […]

Sparkled Kuyumcu Aydınlatma

SparkLED RectaNew Release 

SparkLED Series virtually rotates lenses with the ideal speed and well designed combination of circuit-on-off automation. This advanced lighting automation design ensures that gold jewellery, watches, and precious stones such as diamonds shine at their best.     SparkLED Recta Gallery:   How Does SparkLED Recta Look Like When It Operates?:

Chameleon Adjustable Armature Kuyumcu Aydınlatma

Chameleon, The Adjustable LED ArmatureNew Release 

Chameleon, the adjustable LED armature, is the most technologically advanced product among the Recta group. The Recta group is in rectangular form and suitable for showcases, display counters tops and niche lighting. Plus, Chameleon provides you with a mobile application, so you can remotely adjust your armature’s color temperature, ranging from 2700 Kelvin to 6500 […]

Recta 28

Recta 28

Recta 28 belongs to the Recta product group, that is in rectangular form and suitable for showcases, display counters tops, as well as niche lighting. With its beam angle and body color options, it ensures effective solutions for architectural design and applications.