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MarkaLED: Jewellers’ LED Lighting Expert

MarkaLED is a pioneer, a leader and a trendsetter of Jewellers in Turkey, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Far East, Australia, Russia, and Africa. MarkaLED’s main tasks are consulting, design, manufacturing, on-site application of LED armatures, as well as customer relations.

Located in Bayrampasa, Istanbul, with a closed production area of 3600 m², 5 of which are engineers with a total of 50 production staff. Our fully integrated production offers a wide range of jewelery lighting. Our company is the leading company of our country which combines creativity and innovation with the highest level of performance in the world which is carried out with the latest technology and exports its products to the whole world.

Jewellers’ No. 1 LED Lighting Designer, Manufacturer, and Executor

MarkaLED is No. 1 designer, manufacturer and executor of LED armatures for jewellers in Turkey and expands its business all around the world into new sectors and territories. Focusing on clients’ needs and fulfilling them has transformed MarkaLED into a pioneer, a leader and a trendsetter in the jewellers’ LED lighting market in Turkey. MarkaLED’s well earned reputation is rapidly spreading across Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and UK.

In-Depth Consulting

MarkaLED designs its own products, manufactures them and applies them on-site. Through all these phases, it consults its clients regarding their
• marketing objectives
• interior qualities
• services, be it a shop, a restaurant, a hospital, a school, a housing project, or a hotel; governmental or private
• product range in their shops, in particular jewellery, whether they are made of gemstones, silver, gold, or diamond; classic or modern style.

Guiding in LED Lighting

More and more business owners in all sectors are changing their conventional lighting to LED armatures. As a result, they save minimum 25% in lighting costs per year and attract more customers with their well-lit shop windows, interiors, as well as exteriors. Being an expert in lighting, MarkaLED is following and creating scientific and aesthetic trends itself, thus guiding its clients in LED lighting technology for years to come. This is why MarkaLED offers 5 Years Warranty, to begin with.

B2B Partner in 80 Countries

Since 2009, MarkaLED has been a reliable business-to-business partner. MarkaLED has been doing business with 80 countries and accomplished 14879 projects so far.

Delivering Tailored Solutions, Establishing Strong Bonds

Thank to its knowledge in LED lighting–gained through actual experience by its dedicated designers, engineers and sales people, MarkaLED delivers effective solutions to market needs of its clients. Considering all these business aspects, none can come close to MarkaLED. Contact MarkaLED to learn more or to get a quote for your project.

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