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Jewellers’ No. 1 LED Lighting Designer, Manufacturer, and Executor

MarkaLED is No. 1 designer, manufacturer and executor of LED armatures for jewellers in Turkey and expands its business all around the world into new sectors and territories. Focusing on clients’ needs and fulfilling them has transformed MarkaLED into a pioneer, a leader and a trendsetter in the jewellers’ LED lighting market in Turkey. MarkaLED’s […]

In-Depth Consulting

MarkaLED designs its own products, manufactures them and applies them on-site. Through all these phases, it consults its clients regarding their • marketing objectives • interior qualities • services, be it a shop, a restaurant, a hospital, a school, a housing project, or a hotel; governmental or private • product range in their shops, in […]

B2B Partner in 46 Countries

Since 2009, MarkaLED has been a reliable business-to-business partner. MarkaLED has been doing business with 46 countries and accomplished 12000 projects so far.

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Jival Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Aris Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Lizay Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Göz Grup Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Favori Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Güven Saatçim Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Storks Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Altınbaş Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Kocak Gold Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma
Atasay Kuyumcu Led Aydınlatma